Starting your own business can be scary, exhilarating and time-consuming.

Having the confidence that your branding and marketing have been built on solid foundations, allows your business to grow and evolve as you do.

At Escape My Office, we specialise in giving you the skills and resources to find your place in the world of small business...and have fun doing it!

With a range of courses available, you'll find something that perfectly fits your needs and the needs of your business.

For the first steps in a life less ordinary.

"I knew I wanted more control over the design of my social media accounts and the content I was producing. I just needed someone to tell me where to start!"

- Katie, Sunshine By Katie

Social Media Sizzle

Get your social media feeds geared up for success, from choosing a theme, what content performs best and all about SEO and algorithms.

Video Production

From knowing the right gear, creating your studio space, right through to editing for various social media platforms and post-production wizz-bangy stuff to get you content-creating in no time!

Graphic Design

Learn the basics of graphic design, with bite-sized tutorials and coaching available to meet the needs of any business.